Oh, la brea
Warriors forever.

What an amazing day it was! No, not really. It was one of the shittiest days of my life. School was terrible, teachers were bitches, students were assholes, but once the swim meet started, fireworks started blowing up out of nowhere. This is my third year swimming for my school and overall it’s okay this year. I have to say Sophomore year was the best because everyone bonded so closely. This year it’s pretty much love and hate. Nevertheless, my relay teams were amazing. Rei, you did a beautiful job swimming Freestyle. Tsumugi, you don’t even try and you still manage to get first place. BEAST. Amy, I know it was a bit harder for you, but good job! Let’s just say today’s meet was epic. Looking back at the photos I took made me smile so much. So enjoy! 

3 years ago • 9 notes • March 3rd
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